Physical Healing

Healthy & Hope Renewed

October 3, 2017
Miraculously healed from a yeast infection after months of intense pain and ordeal.

Last year I was in Nepal over the summer with a team from a church in College Station, Texas. We were there to see what God was doing among the churches there and get a vision for the future to see if some of us would be led to live there as long-term workers. It was an incredible experience but also incredibly hard. The whole team was to be there for six weeks meeting with churches and sharing the kingdom of God as we were led. But by the third week, I was so sick, that I could not leave my bed. I had crippling fatigue, migraines, and stomach pain. I had to go to the hospital there for three days. The hospital said it was a bacterial infection and dehydration. So they gave me antibiotics and an IV for three days, but I wasn't feeling better. I lost 15 pounds while I was there and then by the fifth week, my team sent me home because I needed to figure out what was causing the illness. It was tough to leave my team, but I came home to get better. Various doctors performed all kinds of tests to see if it was an infection or some type of virus, but every test would come back normal. It was increasingly frustrating for me to keep going that summer with no answers as to why I was so sick and no way to stop the pain. I was at 7 to 8-level pain with headaches, migraines, and stomachaches almost every day. Weeks turned into months with this, trying to find the right doctors and receiving healing prayers. Nothing happened and my hope was fading. I finally went to a holistic doctor who did food allergy tests. After two months, I got the results. They said I had a yeast infection. Most people would have 12 to 14 things they would have to take out of their diet to get them better; I had 49. I was put on a restrictive diet and lost another 20 pounds. I had started gaining my weight back but lost it again at this point. On the diet for a couple of months, I still saw nothing work and decided to stop because I had lost too much weight. I continued to hold onto the promises of God. I knew that no matter the circumstances, He was with me and loved me. But my hope was honestly gone at that point. Everything I used to do seemed like it was taken from me, and I felt so alone. Around the seventh or eighth month, my friend who was in Nepal with me was doing BSSM. She invited me to come and rest here. I came in the beginning of December. I was not expecting to be healed. I just wanted my connection with God to be restored. I had not experienced a Sozo before, but I had one, and God showed up big time. He was breaking down lies I was believing about my identity and about thinking He didn't want to heal me. He told me He did want to heal me. In the end, we asked the Holy Spirit if He wanted to heal me now, and He said, "Go to the Healing Rooms." That Sozo did a lot for me. I felt God renew my hope. It was really beautiful. The next day, I went to the Healing Rooms, excited but unsure what would happen. I was really praying and telling God I wanted this and I wanted Him to be glorified. I was at a 7 or 8 pain level that day. The team laid hands on me and I felt an overwhelming sense of joy that I had not had for so long. It came over me, and I was happy and joyful. I felt the pain start to leave me. It went from 8 to 4. They laid hands on me again. I felt my pain leave me. I felt good for the first time in 8 months. I was so excited. The first thing I thought of to do was run because I hadn't in such a long time. So I told the team I would be right back. I went outside and ran around the building! It was so amazing! My sickness left me that day. I've had continual healing over this time. I got my life back these past six months. It's crazy how thankful you are for everyday things after going through something like that. God taught me so much in that time, but the way He showed up in so much power, I could never doubt that we have a glorious God who wants to heal. God told me BSSM is where He wants me to build up my foundation. Six months later, I found myself in my First year at Bethel.

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