Physical Healing

Healing Through Kingdom Fashion Design

July 20, 2017
A woman is healed of different ailments and injuries from a car accident from the anointing released through a prayed-over piece of clothing.

I recently designed a custom piece of clothing (a top) for a family member on the East Coast and mailed it to her for her birthday. I included a personal prophetic word with it as to what I felt the Father was clothing her in, in this season. I prayed over it and released anointing. She proceeded to have a series of intense encounters, dreams, and visions! She has had back pain and nerve pain off and on her whole life with no explanation from doctors. About a week after receiving the top, she was in a car accident. She immediately had burning pain in her back and nerves, shooting down her legs. When she returned home, she felt the Holy Spirit tell her to go put the custom top on. When she did she was immediately healed of her back and nerve pain! She said that she "tangibly felt the symptoms diminish right after putting it on." The following day she went on a 2.5-hour walk, something she typically cannot do!

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