Physical Healing

Healing of Stomach Muscle Issues & Lengthening of Leg

August 22, 2017
A leg grew out and stomach muscles were healed instantaneously.

I just attended the School of the Prophets last week and returned home to Canada on Sunday. Yesterday, I was visiting with my sister and her daughter-in-law mentioned she was going to the chiropractor because her hips were out of alignment, and her stomach muscles were separated as a result of having four children in a little over five years.

And I said, "Well sit down and I'll pray for you right now." I am used to ministering to people, as I have been part of the healing rooms ministry for the past six years. So I took her feet in my hands and noticed that her left leg was about a half to three-quarters of an inch shorter. I prayed for her healing and for the love of God to fill her. Her leg grew out!

And then I prayed for her stomach muscles to be healed (I heard Chris Gore share a testimony on Friday night about how a man was healed in Texas when he prayed for him). She started crying, and said, "I feel it! I feel it!" It was the most incredible moment to watch God's love at work! I have prayed for people for years now in the healing rooms, but this was the first time I was part of an instant healing with the Holy Spirit at work. She went to her chiropractor appointment about a half hour later. When she returned, she excitedly reported that the chiropractor said there was nothing she could do for her, as everything was in great shape! Praise God! Later on that evening she texted me and said, "It meant a lot to me that you shared your Bethel experience, and it was so encouraging. I have never been prayed for like that before. I felt like you completely believed I would be healed before you started praying, and I believed and really felt it, and it was indescribable." God is so good!

I received prayer for many things while I was at the School of the Prophets, but I never prayed for an increase or ability to heal others. It has always been my heart's desire, and I did tell the Lord I didn't want to put Him in a box anymore. I received a greater revelation of His love for me while I was there, among other things. It is clear that I am changed for the better and I am excited to continue sharing God's love with others through the prophetic and healing!

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