Physical Healing

Healing of Severe Back Pain

July 11, 2018
Two men visiting the Firestarters class get completely healed in their backs from accidents they had when they were kids, and all their pain is gone and their mobility is restored.

Two visitors from Bethel's Kingdom Culture Conference came to the Firestarters class on Sunday morning. The team felt strongly that God was moving in healing and began calling out words of knowledge. One of the men had fallen off a roof when he was eight years old, and his constant pain level was 8 out of 10 every day for 20 years. As he received prayer, all the pain left his back. He said he felt completely healed. The other man (his friend) had fallen out of a car going 70 MPH, and the car had run him over and crushed him. He was 17 when the accident happened, and since then, he has been in constant pain in his back and had a lack of mobility. When he received prayer, all the pain left! He also said his mobility was restored in his back.

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