Physical Healing

Healing of ARDS

September 26, 2017
A 36-year-old man, bleeding in the lungs and on the brink of death, in an induced coma in ICU because of ARDS, was miraculously saved.

I just had to contact you about a miracle my son received when Bill Johnson called out his condition at a conference there in Redding at the end of July and the beginning of August. My daughter-in-law was attending and sitting in the front row when Bill said he didn't know whether to give this word of knowledge because it didn't make sense, but he went ahead and gave it. He said someone was bleeding in the lungs, and they had a condition which doesn't have a word to describe it, but letters, and one of the letters is "D." My daughter-in-law raised her hand, and Bill called her forward. She said her brother-in-law was in ICU on a ventilator in an induced coma in Oklahoma City. The condition he had was called ARDS. He had very little hope of survival. He was very close to death and only 36 years old. Pastor Bill called out that word of knowledge on Sunday night, August 6th. On Monday, they removed him from the feeding tube. On Tuesday, they disconnected him from all other equipment and sent him to a private room, and on Wednesday, he was sent home. The doctors were amazed and were so happy to see his improvement. They couldn't believe he recovered so quickly. I told them it was the Lord! I began to shout, "Praise the Lord!"

I also thanked the doctors for their care and concern for my son. Praise the Lord, my son is fine today! He is back at work, and he and I are going to Colorado the first week of October for a vacation. My heart is so grateful for Mr. Johnson being bold in calling out that word of knowledge and praying for my son. It means everything to me to know that God loves my son so much that He placed it on Mr. Johnson's heart to call the word out. I am truly thankful that Mr. Johnson was obedient to God.

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