Physical Healing

Healing of Ankle & Ligaments

September 17, 2020
A person watching an online message from Bill Johnson receives healing in their ankle following a word of knowledge.

It is 3:00am in Tulsa, and I just watched Pastor Bill's January 24, 2020 sermon at ORU, and he called out a word of knowledge for someone in the audience (I considered I was in the audience) that there were ligaments and severe damage to a right ankle. I broke two bones in my foot, and I hyperextended two ligaments in my foot four years ago at a concert. I have been in pain almost all the time since then. It gives me such trouble walking, and I have pain that shoots up to my knee. Terrible pain. I was praying for myself before he mentioned the ankle. I just wanted to let you know that the Lord healed my ankle just now. It's not hurting. I can tell it feels completely different.

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