Physical Healing

Healing from Lyme's Disease

July 30, 2020
A woman with depression and Lyme's disease gets drastic improvements after going to the Healing Rooms and Randy Clark School of healing.

We received this testimony from a lovely Lutheran pastor:

I attended both the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation, Jan. 29 -31, and the Bethel Healing Rooms on Feb. 1, 2020. Over the course of those three days, I began to notice healing of my chronic moderate depression, which had been with me for two and a half years, as a result of my chronic Lyme's Disease.

I don't know if the healing happened at the Healing School or the Healing Rooms, but there has been a definite difference since then.I wanted to wait for a few months after the events before reporting, to see if the healing would last. So far, it has, and I am immensely grateful. The morning feelings of irritability, being overwhelmed and gloom are almost fully gone. I am much more cheerful with my husband than I had been before, which has greatly helped our marriage. There is a marked difference, and my husband has noticed it, too. I had not changed my lifestyle or supplement regimen, so this change can be due to nothing but the conference and healing rooms.I have had some mild anxiety on occasion in the past few weeks, because of the COVID-19 spread, but this is normal anxiety, which most people are likely feeling right now, and is not the same as the depression I had felt before. Considering the strain that everyone is under worldwide due to the coronavirus, it is remarkable that my depression has not returned.Since the conference, I have also not had any new physical symptoms from my chronic Lyme's disease. This, in itself, is unusual, since I typically have new symptoms every month or so. Although my old symptoms have remained, they are mild and have not grown worse, and I was even able to take on a new part-time ministry job, which before the healing event, I worried I could not do. So far, I am able to hold down this ministry position as pastor of a small church, which is also rather remarkable, given the state of my health in the past three years.I attribute my depression, healing and lack of new Lyme's symptoms purely and solely to the Healing School and/or Bethel Healing Rooms. To God be the glory! I am endlessly grateful for Bethel for organizing the conference and opening its church free to those in need of healing. I had an immensely loving and caring team praying for me, whose lovingkindness, generous amount of time spent with me and clear connection to God touched me deeply. The other aspects of the Healing Rooms the art, music, dance, speakers were all profoundly moving and God-given.

All I can say is, Bethel, you are truly doing God's work; please keep it up! The healing power of Christ lives on through the work of your holy church.

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