Physical Healing

Four-Year-Old Boy Healed!

July 30, 2020
A little boy in the hospital dying from lung complications gets miraculously healed after someone calls Bethel's prayer hotline on his behalf.

Last November I called up about a little child and we prayed over his unknown lung complication. He was in the hospital, dying, and right in the middle of the week, I called Bethel's prayer hotline [Pastor on Call] and prayed with some dude. I can't remember his name. By that following Friday, the little boy woke up; and said He saw Jesus standing in the corner of the room the morning he woke up. He was playing his video game when the nurse walked in that Friday. They don't know what happened. They called it a miracle. But the little four-year-old boy himself told me that He saw Jesus standing in the hospital room, and that's when he felt better.

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