Physical Healing

Healing for Eyes

October 18, 2017
High pressure in the eyes was reduced and dryness healed as attested by medical reports.

About a month ago, I attended a Sunday service at Bethel. At the end of the service, there was prayer ministry offered and a call out for someone with high pressure in their eyes. God wanted to heal this. That person was me. I went up to the front to receive prayer from the pastor. I have since got my eyes checked by the ophthalmologist (eye specialist) last Wednesday and received a good report for both my eyes. My eye pressure is normal, and I have passed the eye tests, and everything else is normal. Previously, my eyes were so dry I couldn't even do some of the eye tests to assess my eye.  Praise God for healing my eyes! I didn't even ask for it. I didn't think about the condition of my eyes needing healing, either. God knows what we need and helps us before we even ask!

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