Physical Healing

Healed of Synovitis Symptoms

May 2, 2018
A conference participant is healed of synovitis of the left wrist and received the full range of motion again.

I had synovitis in my left wrist and the range of motion was significantly reduced. Pain was also significant with movements, use, and at night (not all the time). I was at Bethel for a Sozo training and during a church service, I asked for healing prayer. I felt no change at the time, but after several days, I realized I had no more pain. However, the range of motion remained unchanged. Two weeks later, I returned with my husband for a conference. One day, we were at the prayer chapel and walking by the Pool of Bethesda. The thought of Naaman's dipping in the Jordan River seven times came to mind. I thought I would dip my wrist in the pool seven times. As I did and by the 3rd or 4th dip, my wrist started popping and full range of motion returned immediately. The pain was gone two weeks before, and the range of motion was suddenly back two weeks later.

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