Physical Healing

Healed of Prostate Cancer & Back Problems

July 11, 2018
A couple visiting Bethel for the healing conference gets healed. The wife is healed from old pain due to surgeries, and the husband is from prostate cancer.

We came down to the Randy Clark Healing School intentionally, more for my husband. He had a high PSA count that started at 20 and kept climbing. The doctors kept trying to give a diagnosis, but we thanked them for their info and prayerfully moved forward, reaching out for other means of healing, most especially coming to Bethel and being a part of the Healing School. The doctor's diagnosis was prostate cancer. I had back and neck surgeries because I had been in car and motorcycle accidents throughout my life. The doctors were talking about doing more surgery on me, but I said, "No, God will heal me." At the Healing School Friday night a woman who had a nerve stimulator in her back was sharing her testimony. There were so many similarities to what I had gone through, and when someone releases a testimony, there is faith to believe. I felt the power of God come on me, and I left there healed.

I got up when Randy said, "If you feel like you were touched, stand up and do something." I ran up the stairs. Before this, I could not sit for longer than 30 minutes, so driving 12 hours from Washington State was a miracle, and I was on pain meds. I would have stabbing pains when I sat for more than a half hour. We went to the Healing Rooms on Saturday and drove home after the Sunday service.

As we drove back to Washington, my husband said, "I did not feel any tangible touch, but I believe I am healed."

In February, he got more tests. His PSA level kept climbing, which was not good, and the doctor said, "The cancer has spread outside your prostate, and there is nothing we can do. We can make you comfortable with hormone therapy to slow down the process while you are dying." We had no fear. What I mean is, that we kept fighting the good fight of faith. We were very aware that the spirit of fear was trying to knock down the shield of our faith, but we stood, solidly planted on His Rock and flawless Word. My husband proclaimed when visiting the various doctors, "We are Christians. Thank you for the information, but we believe that God is healing me." Two weeks ago (on June 5), the doctor came in with the latest PSA count, which was 0.02, and the previous one was 54! Because we have seen so many miracles in our marriage, when the doctor came in with the report, we weren't jumping up and down. Healing is what we expected. The doctor was completely perplexed. He did not know what to say.

My husband said, "Praise God. I'm healed!" I also have been fine and off pain meds since January.

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