Physical Healing

Healed of Neuro Lyme and Able to Walk

July 25, 2017
A woman who was rendered bedridden because of Lyme disease is completely healed and mobile.

Susan had Lyme disease for three years but was only diagnosed last November 2016. She was suffering from excruciating pain in her legs and hadn't been able to walk easily by herself for a year. Once in a while, she could walk only if she hung onto something or someone. Even though she really wanted to walk, her muscles would not cooperate, so she mostly just stayed in bed. While she was bedridden, she would listen to Bill Johnson and Bethel Music on her earphones through her iPad. At times, she would go into paralytic spells where she could only move her forehead muscles to answer people when they talked to her. She also had heart arrhythmia and trouble breathing sometimes. Day and night, she described the pain she was feeling in her legs like a cement bridge was crushing them. She said last week, "This is beyond torture; this is torment."

Amazingly, she was able to go to Bethel for Worship U with her daughter and friend/caretaker, Krissi, which was the week before her visit to the Bethel Healing Rooms. Unfortunately, some of her symptoms got worse during the week, and she ended up going to an urgent care clinic and then to the ER the night before she came to the Healing Rooms. They did a few things to stabilize her but told her that in the shape that she was in, she wouldn't be able to fly back home. Her caretaker had to pick her up to move her since she couldn't move herself. During Worship U, she had an encounter where she went to heaven. The man leading the room said, "Close your eyes and focus on God." She did and then she saw Jesus and Jesus said, "Would you like to see heaven?" She said, "Of course, I would." A minute later, the man leading the room said, "Some of you may have trouble connecting with the Father, so why don't you just go on a journey with Him to heaven?" Then Jesus showed her Healing Rooms in heaven. She was not aware at the time that there were Healing Rooms at Bethel. She asked Jesus what she needed to do to receive her healing. She had prayed and contended for her healing in so many different ways up to that point. He said, "You don't have to do anything." Then she was on her knees bowing down before Jesus and was immediately healed in the vision. Even though she was up most of the night before in the ER, she and her caretaker decided to come to the Healing Rooms. As soon as she got out of the vehicle and into the wheelchair in the parking lot at Bethel, she felt the presence of God, and she knew that she would be healed that day. Her caretaker felt the presence of God strongly, too. On this day in the Healing Rooms, the prayer teams were praying for people in the sanctuary. She came into the sanctuary and was praising Jesus. A team came to pray for her, and one member told her, "God says you don't have to do anything for your healing." Then the team prayed for her. The next thing she knew, she was on the floor out of her wheelchair screaming. She felt something leave and told the team, "It's gone." They asked her if she needed help, and she said she wanted to try getting up by herself. For at least the last year she could never get up by herself without grabbing onto something or someone. She got up off the ground by herself! They asked her if she wanted to walk without assistance and she did! Then the team leader asked her if she wanted to share her testimony on stage and she said that she would. There were stairs leading up to the stage, however, and she wasn't sure if she could climb them by herself. She couldn't even lift her leg over a four-inch-ledge at the house she was staying at in Redding the week before. Incredibly, she climbed up the stairs to the stage in the sanctuary by herself and shared her testimony! Susan had been standing on the Scripture, "It is finished" (John 19:30) and that the blood of Jesus is enough. She wrote a beautiful song at one of her lowest points called "Say the Word," which she sang for the testimony writer. Here are the lyrics:" Say the word. Tell me once again that You love me. Just say the word. All things work for my good. Say the word. There's not a need that you won't supply. Just one more time, my Father, say the word. Say the word that Jesus paid for my healing. Say the word that His blood covers all my sins. Say the word. Nothing takes You by surprise. Just one more time, My Father, say the word. I say the word. The word is Jesus. I announce I proclaim that it's in His name. His name is Jesus."

She walked out of the sanctuary pushing her wheelchair, with a huge smile on her face!

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