Physical Healing

Healed of Hearing & Balance Issues

July 11, 2018
Full hearing and balance are restored at a Kingdom Culture Conference.

The first night when they asked about hearing loss, I raised my hand because for years I had hearing go in and out in my right ear. I remember having full hearing before my car accidents. I thought the accidents were the cause. While people were praying for me, the Lord showed me that it was from trauma from my first marriage. It was not a painful memory, but more like, "Oh, that's what's going on." They prayed and rebuked the trauma. I heard someone snap on the right side. Now I hear equally in both ears. I used to have vertigo and balance issues. Now I do not. In the morning, I used to have to get out of bed slowly. Now I can jump out. It's been a year of deep healing for me. I had some memory loss from one of the accidents, and memories are coming back!

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