Physical Healing

Healed of Eight Years of Lactose Intolerance

January 29, 2018
A woman gets healed from eight years of lactose intolerance after watching a message by Randy Clark.

I went to a business conference in New Orleans at the beginning of the week. I enjoyed the food but was miserable because consuming butter, chocolate, beignets, cheese, and ice cream caused digestive pain. I had tested for Crohn's disease with a doctor many years ago that came back negative, and then finally figured out it was lactose intolerance. I watched the healing message from Randy Clark. I saw it pop up in my newsfeed and that someone was healed from lactose intolerance at a previous service. I'd never thought to ask for healing for this myself and thought, Why not? I believed and now know I was healed. I wanted to make sure of it, so the next day I took my kids and joined them for yogurt. I ate the dinner my husband cooked that night. Friday I ordered Starbucks with milk for the first time in eight years! I probably shouldn't eat pizza and ice cream every day now, but I had to test it out. I have not felt any pain or symptoms for 48 hours since I prayed for healing. I almost can't believe it, but I do, because He is so good. Nothing is too big or small He will not heal. Amen. I'm active in dance and fitness ministry, so this a great thing that I feel and am better! I am excited to walk it out.

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