Physical Healing

Healed of Colon Cancer

March 27, 2019
Someone visiting Bethel receives the gift of prophecy, gets healing from different issues, and gets a negative result after being told they had colon cancer.

On November 13, 2018, I had a colonoscopy in Milwaukee. The doctor discovered and removed three polyps. The doctor didn't tell me anything was wrong; he only said to have a nice day. The next day I was headed to California. I had felt the Lord pressing me to go to Bethel Church. I didn't know why He wanted that, but I followed the Lord. A couple in Redding rented a room to me, and I felt blessed to stay there. I signed up for the Healing Rooms and the Prophetic Room. I wanted to be delivered from my fear of heights, and I wanted the ability to prophesy. I am an evangelist, so I wanted the prophetic gift. During worship on Friday night, the Lord was touching me. I was shaking and praying in tongues. A German woman saw that God was touching me, and she came and prayed that whatever God was doing in me would be complete and done. When I opened my eyes, I was able to see things spiritually. I saw angels hovering over the stage where the worship was going on. They were facing the crowd. I had never seen that in my life. I went to the Healing Rooms that Saturday. While I was in the Encounter Room where worship was going on, three kids were walking around looking for people to pray for. The oldest girl had an Australian accent and was about ten years old. The other kids were about six and seven years old. The Lord pressed upon the Australian girl to pray for me. She and the two younger kids prayed. As soon as they did, my sinuses dried up. I have had sinus problems all my life. Later, I met a woman who was healed from back pain. She addressed the people from the stage in the Encounter Room and told of how her back was healed. The same three kids had prayed for her. On Sunday morning, I had another encounter. Eric had asked the people who were at Bethel for the first time to stand and asked people around them to pray. The presence of the Lord was so strong. Five people were around me praying. I started to shake again. I was able to sense that God was giving me a gift of revelation to know things ahead of time. Later the Lord impressed upon me a thought that President George H. W. Bush had died. I looked it up on the Internet and found that he had not died. A week later, he did die. The Lord gave me the gift of seeing things before they happened. I didn't have that before. I went to the prophetic session on Sunday afternoon. When we had the prophetic session training, the lady who was having the class asked me to prophesy. I did give a prophetic word to a man who said that I nailed everything down to a tee. I never met him before. He was a visitor like me.  A couple prophesied over me and were right on the money. They knew things I wouldn't have publicly told people. They said, "You are often overlooked. God knows what you are doing, and He is proud of you." I got home to Milwaukee. My doctor called and said that he was sorry, but they had found cancer in my colon. He wanted to do colon surgery within two weeks to remove the cancer. At this point, I had faith and said that I wanted a second opinion. I had another doctor I wanted to see, who had helped my sister who was a three-time breast cancer survivor. The new doctor did tests, and there was no cancer, just some scar tissue. The cancer was gone! The Lord had pressed on me so hard to go to Bethel. He made the way so smooth for me to get there. Then the Lord healed me. I have a picture of the place where the cancer came inside of my colon and the second picture shows the same place in my colon, free of cancer. The other doctor wanted to operate, but that was before I went to Bethel, so that's why I said, "Let's look at it." I felt like I had walked into a family home at Bethel. Everyone was nice to me. When I went to Bethel, I expected God to do something in my life. I said to Him, "God, you have to do something." I was so happy that He did. My own story is that the Lord delivered me from alcohol and drugs at 33 years of age. Three months later, I was reaching out to the inner-city people of Milwaukee. I was sharing Bible studies with the poor people who had no education and people who needed food. I put on services at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and services at the nine different prisons in Wisconsin. Now I tell my deliverance testimony when I go to preach. I tell of how God delivered me and that he can deliver them, too. I also offer to pray for anyone who has a need, physical, spiritual, or mental so the goodness of God will overflow into their life.

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