Physical Healing

Healed of Cerebral Palsy

January 20, 2023
Two first-year BSSM students experienced a miracle when one prayed for the other, and breakthrough from a lifelong affliction resulted.

Two first-year BSSM students experienced a miracle when one prayed for the other, and breakthrough from a lifelong affliction resulted.

Karina’s Story

On December 1, 2022, I went to our activation, Healing and Pastoral Care. The leader, Roy, was talking about The Chosen, a Season 3 episode in which a disciple spoke to Jesus and wanted healing, and Jesus said He wanted to heal him but it would glorify Him more if he stayed with his infirmity. That was uncomfortable for me because I really liked The Chosen and did not want to criticize it, but that scene was disturbing to me, too. As we discussed this in our class, we decided, “Let’s pray the actor gets healed!” He has cerebral palsy, and we thought that maybe they wrote that in the script because of that. We said we did not want to change our theology according to our experience, but to model our theology to fit who God is. We prayed for that actor to be healed so they would have to change the storyline.

We came to worship afterward. I usually don’t go to the front, but Payton (my friend) always does. That day, I was in the front with her. I turned around and said to her, “Healing on your body!” Payton said, “Yeah!” She receives so easily. I thought, Maybe I can be a little more intentional. I turned to her and said, “Hey, we just talked about cerebral palsy this morning. And we prayed. Can I pray for you?” I had already prayed for her before because she had told me she had cerebral palsy.

I just put my hand on her and prayed for realignment in her body and for every cell to vibrate to the frequency of heaven. I asked her to test it out. To be honest, I was expecting, but not expecting at the same time. She straightened and said, “Oh, my back just cracked.” She held her arms out and said, “Are my arms the same length?” Her right arm was about an inch shorter than her left arm before. She started crying because she realized they were the same length. I started crying, too.

I asked her to try out her leg which would always hurt. I understood that her whole life, her foot would spasm every time she stretched it. It would hurt when she stood on it the whole day, and she would drag her foot a little behind her at the end of the day. She took her foot out of her slippers and stretched her leg out, but it did not spasm or hurt. She kept crying. I said, “You have to go up on stage and share!”

The next day, I thought, Is she still healed? I was happy I experienced this, but I wanted it to be permanent. I texted her and asked if she was still healed, and she said yes.

Her brain is now able to control her right side properly. I was so overwhelmed with joy and so honored to be the one that got to pray for her!

Payton’s Story

I was born with cerebral palsy. I had a stroke in the womb that caused a blood clot and scarring on my brain. For the first five years of my life, I would walk on my tiptoes. My biological dad did that, too, so they did not think anything of it at first. I started doing sports, and I would say, “My leg hurts.” It would spasm. So they did an MRI, and it showed cerebral palsy. I started going to PT and wore a cast to correct my foot because my bone structure was off because of how I walked. I had to wear a plastic foot brace when the cast came off to keep my foot trained. I wore that for six months to a year. After that, I could not do sports.

You could not tell by looking at me that something was wrong but as I got older, I noticed more things because it progressed. I understood what was happening but did not think about it. I was not concerned about getting healed, and my family are not yet Christians. When I came to BSSM, Karina asked me about my limp. People would say to me, “I’m praying for you.” I did not think I needed healing because it had become part of my life.

We got to the worship set in December. When Karina laid hands on me and said, “Be healed,” I felt something right then. I could feel that I did not have pain in my calf from jumping, and I always have pain. Then she prayed for me, and my back was the first thing that I noticed was different. I could crack my back. My arm did not extend normally, so a nerve would pinch if I turned it the wrong way, and pain would shoot down to my thumb. I put my arms out after she prayed because I could feel something had shifted in my leg. The most obvious thing I could think of to test it was to put my arms out. At that moment when someone’s hand was there and my fingers touched it, I heard God say, “It’s done.” I could feel it from my head to my toe. All my fingers had a different feeling. I could now hold a pen correctly. I used to have to hold it like a little kid in my fist. I pointed my foot and that was the craziest thing because it was not uncomfortable. The next couple of days after, I could feel my whole body in a different way.

The next morning, I woke up and thought, I hope it’s still there. He’s God, so it should be there. I wrote my name the next morning with my right hand. I told all my roommates. For the next four days, I could feel the weirdest sensation. It was like two wires clicking all over my body. I cracked my back every two seconds because I could not do that before. I could rotate my arm without it clicking. The smallest thing like being able to hold a pen is the biggest joy. It was hard to explain that to my friends growing up.

My eyes would droop when I was tired. My muscle function would give out. I did not realize how much I missed until I had it. I went on a walk, and my leg wasn’t tired afterward. If I jumped, I did not have pain in my calf.

My mom is a nurse. I told her what happened, and she said, “You need an MRI.” When I went home for Christmas break, I pointed my foot for her. She said, “OK. I don’t know what’s going on, but I am happy.” I went to a youth group that I used to work at. I told a girl with a broken foot, “I am going to release this over you.” In the middle of the service, she stood up and looked at me. Then she jumped on her broken foot, removed her cast and it was healed. I asked her what clicked for her. She said she felt the Lord tell her to close her eyes for a second. She saw the clip of The Chosen when Jesus healed the paralytic. She thought, If Payton was healed, I could be healed! I think it’s ironic that the same show that sparked the discussion that led to my healing God used in her healing as well!

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