Physical Healing

Healed During Worship!

July 11, 2018
Two men visiting the Kingdom Culture Conference get healed during worship from knee and foot pain.

At the Kingdom Culture Conference 2018, two men separately shared that they had been healed during worship. The first man is from Italy, the second from Germany:HamstringDuring the Wednesday session, I came in with a sharp pain in my hamstring behind my right knee. The day before, we went to the lake and paddled, and I think I hurt it a little bit. By the second worship song, it was gone!Right FootStarting in August last year, I overworked my right foot. Since then, I have had pain in it, and I was able to find out the foot is more complicated than you would expect�especially when you have a certain weight. It is a fragile thing. When I was in worship on the first evening, suddenly something snapped inside of my foot, and the pain disappeared. I had had it since August last year. I tried jumping and standing and walking�and everything is fine! I just stood for 20 minutes with my full weight on my feet, but nothing happened.

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