Physical Healing

Healed and Helping Teens

December 14, 2017
A woman receives multiple healings, recovers her ability to talk again, and sees God move among the youth from dysfunctional families that she is discipling.

I came out to Redding from the Bay Area in about March 2016. I had been homeless for two years until the middle of April that year. I went to the Azusa Street meetings with the Fire Starters group from Bethel. One of them found out I was homeless and took me in with them. I was with that family for a couple of months. Now I live with my daughter. I have received a lot of healing. I used to be very shy. God healed me of shyness. He healed me of anxiety, and God healed my voice. I had had trouble with my voice for 16 years, and I could not talk for two years. I wrote notes to everybody. The doctors a long time ago said I had GERD, and it ate my esophagus. God healed my voice last year to the point that I could talk. Last month, the doctor checked my throat, and there is now no damage to my throat. Then I got sick with stage 4 carcinoma sarcoma. When they did the surgery nine months ago, I was told I had a few days to live. Since then, God just keeps making me better. One of my doctors said, "When it's time for me to go, I hope I can handle it the way you do." The hospice workers said only one percent of the people they see are not scared. One of them said, "There is no fear in you!" They are amazed because I'm still here. I've had six blood clots. I get prayer, and they dissolve. Some of the tumors have popped. God has kept me alive. I've refused blood transfusions, but I'm still here. The only pain medicine I am on is Ibuprofen, and for the most part, it makes me feel fine. When I get blood clots, they hurt until I get enough prayer. I live in a really bad neighborhood. God is good to me. The teenagers used to get in fights and my apartment manager is scared of them because there are about 20 of them. Teens are my favorite and God told me to have a Bible study for them. I have had four Bible studies at my house for teenagers so far, and three kids have gotten saved. The violence has gone down so much that the manager tells people it's because of my Bible studies. The kids are recruiting others to come. Last Thursday, I had 22 people in a tiny apartment, and I didn't have enough chairs. My hospice pastor heard I was having Bible studies, and he wanted to meet me. He is the pastor of a different church. He is having a pizza party on the 21st and paying for it. He got me Bibles for the kids and ten pull-down chairs. A lady bought me a karaoke machine with strobe lights. Not only is Bethel helping me but other churches are, too. God is doing awesome things. I feed the kids. I got a great big turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and a cake for Jesus and a big pot of green beans. The kids are hungry because they don't live with their parents. A lot of their parents are on drugs. They go from house to house. Because they do drugs and drink and are violent, foster care won't take them. But they are my favorite. They all call me "Grandma," and they tell each other not to cuss in front of me. If I had not been homeless, where I learned to trust God for everything, I think I would not have as easily believed in my cancer healing. Being homeless trained me to trust God in so many ways. I'm spoiled. He spoils me. He has been so good to me.

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