Physical Healing

God Healed a Liver

July 25, 2017
A mom saw her son's extremely damaged liver be miraculously healed.

God is so faithful and so GOOD! Last week my son attempted to take his life with alcohol and pills. In his words, his "liver enzymes were out of control and getting worse." There were two other measures that were stabilizing, but if they got worse, then he would need a new liver or he would die.  When I received the news, the Lord quickly protected my mind, and one of the things I kept hearing over and over in my head was Bill Johnson saying he was putting "all my chips in the middle of the table." The Lord was encouraging me to go "all in" in prayers for my son's liver to be healed. Family and friends joined with me. The Lord answered and did a miracle! His liver turned around by the next day and continued to improve. The doctors were preparing to send him to Stanford for a transplant because they did not expect it to "magically heal." God had other plans! It is the greatest miracle I have ever experienced and I am overflowing with joy and thankfulness!

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