Physical Healing

Fresh Touch from Holy Spirit - Digestive Problems and Past Injuries Healed

March 28, 2019
A mother and her daughter visiting for a conference get powerfully touched by the Spirit, get healed, and take it home with them where the rest of the family gets touched, too.

I have had in my heart to pray for people for quite a few years. My husband and I were asked to be on a healing prayer team at church, so I thought the conference would be an awesome thing to go to to learn more. My husband was not able to go, so I asked my daughter and she said yes to my surprise! We live in different states. She flew up to where we lived, and we left from there. It was supposed to be a blizzard all the way, and we thought maybe we wouldn't be able to go. But we have a large diesel truck 4x4. We got up in the morning, prayed, and decided we were going to give it a try. I had reservations at the Hope Inn in Redding. When we left, there was lots of snow on our driveway and street. We got to the end of the street, and it wasn't quite as bad, so we kept going and going and there was just rain, and the roads were completely dry! It was a miracle. Driving on the way back wasn't bad, either, just a few little snow flurries. Both my daughter and I received healing. I was healed of digestive problems after having years of trouble. I tried all kinds of things, supplements et cetera, and they helped a little bit. Actually, I was doing better but still had difficulties.  I had no bowel problems after the first night. We were both touched almost immediately after the worship started. Then when Randy came out and said, "Stand when you feel His presence," I felt the presence of God. The minute we walked through the doors, we stood right away, my knees started shaking back and forth, and my daughter was slammed to the floor and started violently shaking. This happened to her throughout the whole conference every time we prayed or told someone what happened. In the bookstore in the coffee shop, I was talking with two gals from the school who prayed for my daughter, and she went down right on her face shaking, hot, and sweating in the aisles in the auditorium. After we got back to our room, the same shaking came back. She was praying for ten years about receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She received and not only that, each day her broken finger straightened out, and swelling went down about 3/4 of the way. She broke her wrist in the seventh grade, and it went over sideways slightly; also, she had years of cartilage so bad that her hand was swollen twice the size of the other wrist, and the cartilage went into the palm of her hand so that you couldn't see the indentation of her palm. She was always in pain. On the other side was cartilage up her wrist and a small ganglion cyst. By the time we left to go home, her wrist was almost completely the same size as the other one. The cartilage was gone out of the palm of her hand most of it gone out of the top. Each day from the very first night she could feel bones cracking and moving in her wrist on her finger.  She flew back home, and her finger was almost completely straight. Her hand is the same. Her pastor asked her to tell a little bit about what happened and pray for people. What happened after that was pretty chaotic. People started falling out in the Spirit and shaking. People received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She was completely transformed. She doesn't look the same; she doesn't act the same. She is so on fire for God. I have prayed for years for my daughter, and she loves the Lord. She has been singing on the worship team for years, her husband is a deacon, and as a result, is changing also. He now wants what she received. God transformed her. He came to her right there and loved her and showed her who He really is and how much He loves her right there in front of my eyes. I cry thinking about it. He healed us and answered our prayers. My husband and I have prayed for a long time as has my daughter. It was just wonderful. God is so Holy, so awesome. Nothing is too great for Him.

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