Physical Healing

Free from Fatigue

June 5, 2017
Someone gets healed from chronic fatigue after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms.

I have experienced a miraculous healing at a church service. I have struggled with this bout of Chronic Fatigue (caused by adrenal burnout) for around four years now. Over the April 15th weekend, I went to Bethel Church in Redding for a Healing Rooms service. I've waited to post this for several reasons. Since the symptoms I had were erratic, I couldn't know at first (at least empirically) that I received any healing. I regularly used to have at least one bad day a week when I felt horrible fatigue and weakness. It has now been seven weeks without one bad day like that. I also am getting by with around 9 hours of sleep whereas I used to need 10 or 11. I just traveled across the country, flew and drove for hours, and walked miles almost every day, and it didn't exhaust me any more than it would a healthy person. I'm not completely better; I still have a few symptoms, but it is amazing to be free of these fatigue days, and I'm very thankful to God. One thing that has come out of this is that I want to help people with my life.

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