Physical Healing

Family Miracles in Healing Rooms

August 27, 2019
A family, including the mother, a baby, and a nine-year-old, gets touched by God and receives healing for various health issues during a Friday night service at Bethel.

We visited back on April 5th, the Friday evening service. We came from Florida to bring my baby daughter to the Healing Rooms. Unexpectedly, my knee was miraculously healed at the Friday evening service! A gentleman spoke about many healing testimonies during the message about a mission trip BSSM was currently on, and how many were getting healed in ankles. He asked people to stand up if they needed healing in their ankles. I had been listening/watching/reading about healing for months while going through this battle with my daughter's health, so I knew God heals today. I stood up because I had re-injured my knee recently and had a history of knee issues (I'm 37 now, had issues since I was a teen) and I figured knees are close enough to ankles for me to stand up! I stood and people prayed around me and laid hands on my shoulder. I reached down to feel it and waited expectantly. Then the speaker said, "Do something you couldn't do before." I then left my seat and walked, then jumped up and around to test my knee, and I had NO PAIN! I was so excited and the speaker then said, "RUN if you got healed!" So I joined a line of people running around the sanctuary! It was pain-free for a week. It was amazing! Then after that week, I had this burning sensation for no reason and I had learned for years about spiritual authority and prayed loudly, "No!" and commanded pain to leave, and it did! Then I was able to return to any activity without pain! My nine-year-old daughter felt heat in her hands and stomach in the Healing Rooms and was healed from seasonal allergies and stomachaches! I also felt freedom and emotional healing from fear, anxiety, and sadness from this season we just went through with our baby's health. Many teams in the prayer team prayed over our ten-month-old baby and her body. We came specifically for her healing, creative genetic healing, and healing in her brain, heart, and skin. We believe our baby has already been healed and heaven is manifesting in her body every day we pray and speak the Word over her and believe! Her symptoms have slowly gone away completely, and we expect her skin marks to completely disappear soon! Another miracle happened right after we walked out of the Healing Rooms. We were admiring the artwork on display and saw a picture that stopped us in our tracks of a blue painting by Eliene Nunes, she had a card that explained her art entitled, "Healing For Brains!" She described how God called her to pray for children's brains! We had been specifically believing for a miracle healing in our baby's brain, DNA, and heart. The painting was of strands of DNA, neurons in the brain all in the shape of a HEART! We were stunned to tears! Then Eliene came up behind us and introduced herself and gave us a print of her art and prayed over our baby's brain! PRAISE JESUS our Healer!

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