Physical Healing

Eczema Healing

October 18, 2017
A lady was healed after years of suffering from eczema at the Bethel Healing Rooms.

In 2015, eczema started acting up on my ankles, and then for unknown reasons, started flaring up throughout my body (arms, legs, neck). The flares became more and more severe so by 2016, the eczema had gotten so bad that I was in pain every day from the incessant itching and broken skin. I could not sleep because of the itch and the pain. Cognitively, I could hardly function normally because of the cumulative sleepless nights, but I still had to make sure I went to work. I had to change my bedsheets every day because of the blood and flaked skin from the scratching and broken skin. Some days I only had the energy to lie down in bed all day and not move; trying to shut my mind to the incessant itch and pain took up all my energy. I could not take care of my family, especially my young kids. Doctors tried everything from the strongest topical steroids, oral steroids, and a whole range of different immuno-suppressants with nasty side effects, but nothing worked. I tried traditional Chinese medicine, too, but to no avail. I went for allergy tests, skin prick tests, etc., but nothing unusual showed up. Some doctors looked at my condition, and even they felt distressed. I cried out to God every day to heal me, but it seemed like nothing was happening, and I was very discouraged. I could only do my best to hold on. I told God I trust Him and I know only He can heal me, but I need Him to turn up soon because I'm reaching the end of my tether and I don't know what will happen once I reach my limits. I wondered if He could even hear me. The eczema was taking a serious physical, mental, and emotional toll on me. In end-November 2016, I finally had the opportunity to go to Bethel to visit the Healing Rooms. My family had booked the trip early, but as it got closer to the trip, I found it so hard to go. When eczema is flaring up and skin is so dry that it spontaneously breaks apart and bleeds, going to a place with cold, dry weather with approximately 36+ hours of travel time to get to and young kids in tow whilst I'm physically unwell is tough. I trudged along, holding but the faintest hope that maybe, just maybe, I would receive my healing. The moment I reached Bethel, however, and joined the worship during the service, I felt the strong presence of the Lord, and I knew that He was with me! I was just so grateful to know that I was no longer alone. He is faithful in His promises. He is there for me, and He wants to heal me. I managed to go to the Healing Rooms, and as the team prayed for me, I felt warmth go down my back. The skin didn't suddenly heal, but from that moment on, it started getting better. The flares started tapering down over time. I started responding better to treatment back home. My skin started healing over. And I'm glad to report that almost one year after my trip to Bethel, I am almost fully recovered. I still have minor flares here and there, and scars all over my skin from the battle, but nothing that I can't live with. Most importantly, I am alive and well and can function. I am still believing in God for my complete healing, and I fully trust that that will happen. We serve a very good God, who loves us very much, and we are blessed. I just want to encourage those that are in the midst of their struggles that God knows, He loves you, and He wants to bless you. Hang in there!

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