Woman Brought to Christ Through Kindness

December 6, 2023
Woman saved through the testimony of Jesus Christ by a few students acting in obedience and kindness.

Last week, I went out preaching the Gospel with my two friends after a worship and prayer night. I felt like we couldn't stay within the four walls of our comfort, but had to go out and share the fire we had just experienced.

It was late at night, and two other girls and I were walking through a Redding supermarket, hungry to see God move. At about 12:15am, we went outside of the store when I saw a girl with a funny-looking hat. I told her, "Cool hat," and then I saw her necklaces; there were about 15 around her neck.

So I said, "Hi! You want to hear a joke?" She and two other people standing before the exit said, "Sure."

So I asked them, "Why is Jesus not wearing necklaces?" They didn't know. "Because he breaks every chain!" So I told them, "He brings freedom from bondage."

Out of nowhere, the one guy said, "Can you pray for me?" We did, and I then shared the simple Gospel message and asked them if they would like the gift of salvation, and right there that woman was delivered from death into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I got to tell them my testimony of how Jesus set me free from anxiety and depression! She said she was struggling with that as well, so we prayed for her, too, and told her that from this day forward she would never be the same.

She is now part of the Kingdom family! Hallelujah. God is so good. A simple act of obedience, a random act of kindness, and a smile changed a woman's life.

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