Physical Healing

Able to Have a Baby

July 11, 2018
After hearing testimony and receiving prayer, a woman was finally able to get pregnant and prayed for another woman who also received the ability to have a child.

A couple from Alabama shared this testimony with us at the Kingdom Culture Conference 2018:

We came to this conference two years ago. Before that, we had a miscarriage and tried to get pregnant for two years and did not have any explanation for why we could not get pregnant. At the conference, they showed the video testimony of Amy Miller, who had wanted a child for ten years and finally got pregnant. Gabe asked people who wanted to have a baby to stand. It seemed like about 50 people prayed for us. We also interacted with Paul and Sue Manwaring at different times. After Paul spoke, Sue prophesied over me. She said there was a fear in my heart and that I was almost afraid to get pregnant again because I was afraid to lose the baby. Something broke right then. Two weeks later, we got pregnant with our son, who is with us today. He is 14 months old. Since then we have prayed for others, and a couple in our church who have been trying for years just got pregnant!

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