Emotional Healing

A Man Connects with the Father's Heart

June 5, 2017
A man gets transformed by the love of the Father after visiting Bethel and coming to the Healing Rooms.

I was in Redding to attend my sister's graduation as a third-year student. I attended a couple of services and the Healing Rooms. I had been struggling for several years, self-medicating due to an extremely rough past. As I was in Redding participating in services, I saw no outward manifestation of any kind, but as I journeyed back to my home state, I was processing so much within me. The bottom line is I got wrecked! I cannot stop worshipping. It's pretty much an all-day thing at home, work, driving, etc. I feel like a completely new person. Come to find out, my wife was a co-laborer in the matter. Upon seeing the transformation, she told me she had been on a 40-day fast for me. Bethel gets a piece of that pie. Thank you for following after God relentlessly, creating an atmosphere and habitation, not just a move. I constantly feel the Father's light and approval all over me. Thank you.

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