Rediscover Bethel
Rediscover Bethel is a video series that addresses common questions and misconceptions about Bethel Church in Redding, California, specifically regarding our theological beliefs, teachings, and practices.

These videos cover topics such as Bible translations, Jesus’ Deity, Physical Manifestations of the Holy Spirit, Theology of Healing, The Gospel of Repentance, Prophecy, and much more.
Episode 1

Bethel Church’s Beliefs about Jesus, God’s Sovereignty, and Bible Translations

Watch as Bill Johnson and Dann Farrelly discuss their personal history, as well as Bethel’s beliefs about Jesus, God’s Sovereignty, Bible Translations, and more.

Topics Featured Within Episode 1:
Jesus Christ is Perfect Theology
The Theology of Sickness and Healing
The Sovereignty of God
Is the Passion Translation Heresy?
What Bethel Church Believes About the Gospel and the Cross
Communion and the Sacrifice of Jesus for Humanity
Episode 2

Jesus, the Cross, and Preaching

Watch as Bill Johnson and Dann Farrelly discuss Jesus’ Deity, The Cross, Preaching, and Faith.

Topics Featured Within Episode 2:
Was Jesus Fully God and Fully Man?
Was Jesus Born Again?
Preaching and Faith
The Theology of Sickness, Part Two
The Cross is the Only Solution for Sin
Episode 3

The Supernatural, Signs, and Wonders

What does Bethel Church believe and teach about the supernatural, signs, and wonders? Watch as Bill Johnson and Dann Farrelly discuss many physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit and address controversies and misunderstandings such as grave soaking and more.

Topics Featured Within Episode 3:
Does Bethel Church Teach Grave Sucking?
Physical Manifestations of the Holy Spirit
Does Bethel Church Operate in the Kundalini Spirit?
What is a Fire Tunnel?
Holy Laughter: Being Drunk in the Spirit
Glory Clouds and Glory Dust
Episode 4

The Church, Ministry, and the New Apostolic Reformation

Watch as Kris Vallotton and Dann Farrelly discuss the five-fold ministry, denominationalism, mentorship, the New Apostolic Reformation, and much more.

Topics Featured Within Episode 4:
The Five-Fold Ministry in Action
Church Denominations and Denominationalism
Mentorship and Fathering One Another
Does Bethel Belong to the New Apostolic Reformation
Seven Mountains Mandate and Dominionism Explained
Episode 5

Prophecy, Risk, and the Prosperity Gospel

Watch as Kris Vallotton and Dann Farrelly discuss prophecy, prophets, false prophets, prophetic words, and Bethel’s risk-taking culture. Dann also talks about Kris Vallotton’s book, Poverty, Riches, and Wealth, and how that has caused some confusion regarding the prosperity gospel and what Bethel believes about prosperity.

Topics Featured Within Episode 5:
Prophecy 101: False Prophets, Prophets, and Prophetic Words
Kris Vallotton: Prosperity Gospel, Poverty, Riches, and Wealth
Bethel’s Risk-Taking Culture
Episode 6

Church Structure, Teaching, Rumors, and Politics

In this video, Bill Johnson and Dann Farrelly address many of the rumors surrounding Bethel and also talk through some of Bethel’s core values regarding how to minister with people we disagree with and teaching people how to think for themselves instead of teaching them what to think.

Topics Featured Within Episode 6:
Five-Fold Ministry: Is Bill Johnson an Apostle?
Ministering With Those We Disagree With
Teaching People How to Think, Not What to Think
Being Salt and Light in Today’s Culture
The Seven Mountains Dominionism with Bill Johnson
Is Bethel Church a Cult?
The Church’s Responsibility with Politics


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