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Sarah Cooper

Chief Operations Officer, Bethel Media

Sarah is the Chief Operations Officer at Bethel Media whose focus is on distributing digital and physical content that fuels personal revival, encouraging and supporting a life-walk with Jesus. A California native, Sarah has a degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California at Davis.

As a certified project manager, Sarah began her career in real estate project management in California and then Georgia, specializing in subdivision or planned unit developments. Always having a heart for the Kingdom of God but knowing she had a gift in operations and project management, she partnered with businesses that had missions to bring Jesus directly into the lives of people through much needed products, services, and economic growth.

Prior to her role with Bethel Media, Sarah led a project in West Africa to install the first locally owned rubber manufacturing plant in a region where there is roughly 85% unemployment. Sarah is excited to bring her efficiency driven project execution skills to the Kingdom of God and to continue to raise awareness of the opportunities that exist in following the principles of Habakuk 2:2, matched with proven strategies taken from top industry leaders.

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Sarah Cooper

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