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Saara Taina

Bethel Dance Ministry Leader

Saara Taina was born in Finland and has been teaching worship dance for more than 20 years on five continents. She was a student in the School of Worship in Jerusalem, Israel, and studied dance in Sydney, Australia. She has an Advanced Diploma of Creative Arts in Christian Ministry, specializing in Contemporary Dance. Saara is a commissioned and licensed Dance Pastor by Bethel Church of Redding, CA and she has been pastoring the dancers in the Bethel Healing Rooms and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for over 10 years. Saara travels extensively and her passion is to equip the global Bride of Christ to worship Jesus with everything She is, without fear or shame, and to release the Kingdom of Heaven through dance and creativity. Saara is the author of Encountering God Through Dance, Dance Pastor and Dance Abundance. She also has a Podcast named Undefeated.

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Saara Taina

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