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Nicki Brown

Early Years Pastor

Nicki Brown has been serving in Bethel’s Early Years Department since 2012, and has been the Early Years Pastor since 2017. Nicki’s heart is that Early Years would not simply be childcare, but that it would be ministry. She values training children to recognize His voice, equipping them to recognize their true identity, and imparting to them confidence that comes with knowing that they are seen and loved. She emphasizes the power of God’s Word and all that is available to each of us as children of God. Nicki leads by example and beautifully pastors her team and the children.

Nicki received a BA in Pastoral Studies and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology at California Baptist University Online. She is passionate about changing the trajectory of generational lines and her life is a testament to the grace of God on a life. She has brought this passion to the various ministerial roles she has held. She has been serving her local church in Children’s, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry for 24 years.

Nicki has been married to Todd Brown for 13 years. Todd has been teaching at Bethel Christian School for 10 years and currently teaches 4th Grade. He also lends his strengths to the Nursery Department. Nicki and Todd have three beautifully energetic children between the ages of 5 and 11.

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Nicki Brown

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