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Kirsten Steele

Justice Collective Operations Director

Kirsten is a loving wife and mother to three children living in Redding, CA.  She was born in Australia by American parents.

She is passionate about Jesus, family, nature, creativity, worship, traveling and seeing lives set free as they are filled with hope and purpose.

Before moving to Redding for BSSM she lived in Elko, NV where she got involved with ministering the love of God in legal brothels.  Kirsten was deeply impacted by the lives of these ladies rose in her heart that would never leave.

She has a deep passion to see the Lord brought into dark places of society.  She is currently volunteering with NCAT leading the outreach team into local massage parlors.

She lives life with gratitude as freely we have received and freely we give.  She is excited for the time in history we live in with the glory of the Lord pouring out on earth.  She says "This is what I live for."

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Kirsten Steele

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