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Jane Moore

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“On fire,” is the best way to describe Jane. Her love for Jesus and partnering with the Holy Spirit is what matters. The Lord has gifted her with many creative skills such as painting, sculpting, Interior and architectural design. In pursuit of “more of the Holy Spirit” which began in 2000, she was on a powerful 8 year journey with the Holy Spirit learning everything she could about all of the “Gifts” through Conferences and personal study with her favorite author revivalist Smith Wigglesworth. This pursuit eventually led her and her husband Greg to graduate from the 2 year pastoral church planting program with the Vineyard Leadership Institute. This was all part of the Holy Spirit's plan.

Rather than planting churches, with dreams, visions, and through divine appointments, Jane and Greg partnered with Holy Spirit and the part time school of supernatural ministry was born in the Midwest through their hands and feet. With rotating quarters and graduations, it allowed hundreds of students to be taught effectively in how to walk in healing, deliverance, the prophetic and how to live a supernatural lifestyle. That passion for equipping the saints is still a great part of her life today teaching in various churches in the US and Europe. Led by dreams, visions and prophetic words, her entire family moved to Redding in 2015. A BSSM graduate, she has served as a pastor in the Healing Rooms since 2015 and has been a Community Life Connect Pastor since 2019. Jane is also serving part time with the Capital Projects team here at Bethel. Jane loves the water, nature, art and design, weekly family dinners and date nights with her husband. Jane is a wife, mom, grandma and always living a life of fire.

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Jane Moore

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