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Greg Moore

Connect Pastor

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Greg has a long-rooted family history with Jesus. He has always been serving in many capacities throughout his life as an entrepreneur, mentor, football coach, church leader, missionary, and basically anything to serve. Having an inheritance in a family that always knew Jesus he is always looking for more. Then came the day when he was set on fire when his wife Jane took him to his first charismatic conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. There he interacted with a guy named Bill Johnson and the next level was opened. Greg graduated from Vineyard Leadership Institute in the 2 year Leadership and church planting program. He and his wife began planting schools of supernatural ministry in the midwest, then was prophetically called to Redding and Bethel in 2015. A graduate of BSSM, Greg has served as a Pastor in the Healing Rooms and a Connect Pastor since 2019. Greg is on staff serving in Capital Projects developing the Collyer project as well as other Bethel Property expansions. Husband, Father, Grandfather that loves the outdoors, all sports , loves to serve and just flat out loves to have fun!

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Greg Moore

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