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Chuck Parry

Healing Rooms Director

Chuck Parry’s life is marked by both faith and the miraculous. He’s seen the dead raised, food multiplied, storms move out of the way, the supply of heaven released through supernatural finances, and countless people healed and their lives transformed. His passion is to see everyone come fully alive and walk out their heavenly purposes, bringing glory to Jesus, who paid the price. He carries and releases the Joy of the Lord everywhere he goes. Searching for spiritual reality, Chuck was determined to meet the Imaginer and Designer of the Universe, and in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado in 1972, he had a personal encounter with Jesus and surrendered to Him. He met his first Christian believers in a Holy Ghost prayer meeting in a village of 400 people, where he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and discipled in the truths of the Bible.

A church-planting pastor in Colorado for 20 years, Chuck is now the Director of Bethel Healing Rooms in Redding, CA. His vision is for creating open heaven Communities where believers live to honor the very real presence of God among us and within us, according to His word, coming together in love and seeing miracles break out. He is the author of the books Free Falling – True Stories of One Man’s Leap Into the Miraculous, and Alignment – Live a Life of Miracles. Married since 1977, Chuck and his wife Linda have three children and five grandchildren.

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Chuck Parry

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