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Christa Smith

Speaker & Author

Whether speaking nationally or internationally, Christa’s passion for the Lord pours out of her.  Her life was significantly marked after a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit as a young girl.  From that moment on, the Prophetic heart of the Father became the foundation of her walk with Jesus.  

Christa delivers what she hears from the Holy Spirit with humor, accuracy, and powerful personal experiences. She is known for her passionate preaching and down to earth approachability, but what many people don’t know is that Christa is a student of Krav Maga, a home design enthusiast, and lover of all things cozy!  

Christa’s background includes graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Communication. She then went on to Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia where she completed the Pastoral Ministry Program. She has planted and has been Director of two Schools of Ministry; one in the San Francisco Bay area and the other in Las Vegas, Nevada. Christa has also served as Associate Pastor at Garden Valley Church in Roseburg, Oregon and Executive Pastor at Expression 58 in Glendale, California. Christa has added author to her resume by releasing her first book, ‘Singled Out in a Couples World’. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area and travels full time with her husband, Sean, ministering together throughout America and beyond.

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Christa Smith

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