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Beth Regattieri

Bethel College Marketing Director & Bethel New York Operations & Marketing

Beth is the Marketing Director of Bethel College. She also serves as Operations and Marketing for Bethel New York. 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Beth Regattieri has over 11 years of experience working in the marketing and public relations industry, serving a range of clients and campaigns, including brands like United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, FedEx, and Almond Breeze. Beth completed all three years of BSSM and has had the honor of serving in the Bethel environment for the last couple of years as the BSSM Marketing and Communications specialist, helping export the story of BSSM through creative content, storytelling, and digital marketing.

In her role as Bethel College Marketing Director, she is excited to build the team of incredible marketers to tell the story of Bethel College and execute creative strategies that engage revivalists from around the globe that will transform the marketplace.

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Beth Regattieri

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