Co-Senior Leader, Beni Johnson, Goes Home To Be With the Lord


Co-Senior Leader, Beni Johnson, Goes Home To Be With the Lord

Jul 15, 2022

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, Beni Johnson, beloved wife and Co-Senior Leader to Bill Johnson, passed away surrounded by family and friends after a prolonged battle with cancer. As Pastor Bill communicated that evening on his personal Instagram account, “She is healthy and free.”

In our prayers for Beni, our community felt called to fight the good fight, full of faith to the end. Beni powerfully modeled this way of prayer for us. Upon her death, we declare with all God’s Church that He is good, even as we grieve together.

Thank you for your prayers for Beni, and for continuing to pray for the Johnson family. We look forward to honoring and remembering her impact, and celebrating her life at a celebration of life service in the near future.

Celebration of Life Service

Sermon from Bill Johnson | July 17, 2022

What does it look like to mourn with hope? After a long battle with cancer, Beni Johnson went to be with Jesus on July 13, 2022. She is now fully alive and free.

Pastor Bill  shares this honest message on dealing with pain and loss, and the importance of grieving with hope. In times of grief, though our mind wants answers to many questions, what we really need is to be close to the Person of Jesus who comforts, loves us so much, and understands all things.

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