Apply to Volunteer or Work at Bethel Kids

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Apply to Volunteer or Work at Bethel Kids

Jun 2, 2022

Volunteer Opportunity

As a volunteer at Bethel Kids, our heart is to invite you into a family environment where you will have the privilege and opportunity to impact the lives of children and support the vision of leadership as you run alongside them. You will also have the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and as a key member of our team. We are honored at your interest to work alongside our team to raise up the next generation in the way they should go!

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Job Opportunity

Lend strength to Bethel Church to see the expansion of God’s kingdom by training up little revivalists to bring a big impact to the world. Job includes teaching, imparting, connecting, and pastoring children ages 0 to Kindergarten. The Team Member will serve in Early Years on a weekly basis assigned to shifts. This will include creating a safe, loving, and empowering environment, as well as meeting the basic needs of the children.

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