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Paul & Sue Manwaring

Windsor, England

Family First sums us up: It is our priority, passion, and greatest joy. Two sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, two grandsons and a granddaughter who has just joined the family.

We love to extend our love of family & community beyond our own and enjoy sharing our lives with those whom God has drawn near to us, particularly in the UK & Europe. Beyond that, our travel and ministry is always around serving existing relationships and where we sense new longer term relationships evolving.

Europe is our primary focus with strong relationships with Jean Luc Trachsel, Mattheus Van Der Steen, Martin Spreer, Ben Fitzgerald and Awakening Europe, and many others.

We believe it is time to cry out: Why not here, why not now, why not us! To that end we are particularly partnering with our friends Steve & Juliet Barber in Leicester to build a momentum of gathering leaders and alumni in the UK, uniting their experience with John Wimber with that of our Bethel family. Strengthening churches, encouraging alumni, equipping everyone to know that they are sent, whoever they are, wherever they go, whatever they do.

We are delighted to be able to visit Bethel a few times each year, teaching in BSSM and attending and contributing to the Leaders Advance & conferences. It is also a great honor to continue to be a member of the Senior Leadership Team. We know more than ever that what Europe needs is a church of power, presence, and the winning of souls producing an army of believers who serve in every sphere & realm of society bringing societal transformation.

We attend a couple of churches and serve the local church when we are not travelling. We are certainly not short of opportunities and the challenge is to decide where to pour our strength. We will forever consider ourselves blessed to call Bethel home, while living in Windsor, England. And we are so glad that we were in the UK during the pandemic and close to our two aging Mums. (92 & 100).

As we look forward we are encouraged, we know that God has never let us down before in numerous challenging scenarios and, of course, that he wastes nothing and gets us ready. We believe that we will see what our Redding Home sent us to our European Home for: Europe in Revival.

Paul & Sue Manwaring

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Paul & Sue Manwaring