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Bethel World Race

The Nations of the 10/40 Window

The Bethel World Race is an 8 month journey through the 10/40 Window to launch students from Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry into some of the most unreached nations of the earth. In the fall of 2024, we are pioneering the first Bethel World Race in response to an invitation from the Lord. There is a generation of flaming arrows from BSSM who have been transformed by God’s love and have said “yes” to Jesus as He has called them to “go.” They are ready to be sent into the nations for His glory and are hungry to be further equipped for a lifestyle of missions. 

We have also experienced an intensified call from the heart of God to lift up our voices for the nations, tribes, and tongues who’ve yet to hear the gospel in the 10/40 Window. The birth of Bethel World Race is an answer to fervent prayers and a bridge from our house into Unreached People Groups. This year’s participants will be visiting multiple of the twelve tribes that we’ve adopted in prayer. Bethel family, your prayers are powerful and effective!  

To make this venture possible, Bethel Missions has linked arms with a missions organization called The World Race. The World Race has sent teams of young missionaries around the world for over 15 years. Through our partnership, God is building a net of fruitful connections and a covering that will transform our students and the nations. 

All of the financial gifts given through the Bethel World Race fund will support our first Bethel team on the field this year, as well as future BWR teams. Sign up here to follow the team on their journey and receive prayer updates. 

Bethel World Race

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Bethel World Race