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General Questions

What is a Women's Core Group?

Women's Core Groups are small groups designed to create a safe place for women to connect on a deeper level, with intentionality. Our hope is that you find ladies to run with. In life, we have ups and downs. Having a group of ladies to stand with you, cheer you on or just believe with you, makes the journey more enjoyable.

What happens in a core group?

Some groups initially commit to meeting regularly for 8 months, and others for longer, but how long they last is decided by the women in the group. As with many things in life, women often find they receive value from these groups in proportion to their participation.

When and how often do they meet?

Groups meet regularly and require an active commitment to attend. Meeting days and times are flexible based on each leader of a group.

How big are they?

Most groups are 6 to 10 women.

What is the age of women in groups?

Each group is different. Some are comprised of young women; some of seniors; others in their middle years; some have a wide range of ages together. You can select a group that best fits you.

Who can participate in a Women's Core Group?

Women of any age! Groups are, however, for Bethel local attenders and members only. Women's Core Groups are not currently open to current BSSM students, but we welcome past BSSM students and spouses of BSSM students that are not attending school.

When and how can I join a group?

We encourage you to fill out an Interest form and check back on the Women’s Core Group page as groups will be added as we have leaders.

Interest Form To Join a Group

Core Group Leaders

What is the job of a women's core group leader?

The primary job of WCG leaders is to create and maintain a culture that facilitates connection and creates a safe place for vulnerability. Leaders lead the way, and serve as shepherds for their sisters in the group.

We lead together.

Leadership is not easy. Servant leadership, the model Jesus gave us, is harder still. Leading together is a foundational principle in our core groups. That means that WCG leaders commit to being part of a monthly leader’s meeting and the larger network of WCG leaders. Our group leaders meet monthly to build connection, encourage one another, and receive ongoing support and training. In our leader group, we grow together as friends, encourage one another and learn together so we can serve our members with excellence.

Steps to Women's Core Group Leadership
  1. Be in relationship with the Lord. That’s an obvious foundation. If there are serious questions in your heart about your relationship with the Lord, we ask that you resolve those before applying for leadership.
  2. Have a heart to serve your sisters as a Mark 9:35 leader, the last of all and the servant of all. Jesus was pretty clear with the disciples about this. This kind of leadership was counter-cultural then, and it’s counter-cultural now, but for Jesus' followers, it’s how we roll.
  3. Be a committed part of our monthly leader's group and training.
  4. Be in agreement with Bethel's Core Values and the core values of Women's Core Groups stated above. Finally, while we are happy to encourage women in other churches to develop Women's Core Groups in their communities, leadership at Bethel Redding is open only to our members and regular attenders.

Next Step: Leader Interest Form

If you meet these requirements and would like to take the next steps toward joining our tribe of leaders, we invite you to fill out an interest form at the link below. Once your interest form is submitted, check your email for an automated message from us and we will be in touch!

Interest Form To Lead a Group

Women's Core Groups

Women's Core Groups are small groups designed to create a safe place for women to connect at a deeper level, where friendships are formed, and where belonging is found.

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