New Connect Group Series: Born for Significance


Groups start the week of October 4, 2021

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You Were Born for Significance

We have never been in a more significant time in history to reveal the love of our perfect Father to each other and the world. The movement of the Spirit is calling us to deepen our “yes” to each other and we are confident that investing in one another is what God is pointing us to in this next season as we embrace a journey to significance.

In October, we will launch 70+ new connect groups, which will make room for over 1000 people who call Bethel their home to go deeper together in kingdom culture and community. These small groups of 8-15 will meet in homes of those in our local church for connection, encouragement and ministry. They will have the opportunity to meet around Bill’s new small group study, Born for Significance, and together will enjoy conversation and activation over the teaching each week.

Being a part of one of these new Connect Groups is an opportunity to take a step closer to each other. In doing so, we will experience a greater fullness of life that God promises as we practice loving each other and doing life together.

We are confident that us investing in each other is the way that God is pointing us to for this next season. The level of revival and reformation that we are hungry for requires us to go deeper in our commitment and love for one another.

About the Born for Significance Study

Walk through Bill Johnson's Born for Significance teaching with us as a church. It’s an invitation to a lifelong journey of discovering all that God intended for you to be.

God is a perfect Father who looks for chances to pour blessings into the lives of His children. But He is also a Father who loves us and doesn’t want to increase our blessing beyond what we have the heart and maturity to carry well. You were born for significance. But what does it look like when significance is carried well? God is glorified, we are strengthened, and the people around us are blessed. You were designed by God to advance His kingdom on earth and leave a legacy to your family and future generations. Come and discover who God made you to be. Once you do, you will never want to be anyone else!

What does a group look like?

  • Begins the week of Oct 4, 2021

  • Group will meet for 8 weeks

  • Most groups will meet in a home with 8-15 people from Bethel’s local church body in Redding

  • Groups will be available all days of the week and at many different times

  • You will have the chance to choose your group based on when they meet, or where they meet, or who is leading the group or if they are family friendly (children invited) etc.

  • Build intentional relationship with other Bethel Redding locals in your neighborhood or with your existing community

  • Learn how you were born for significance with your group choosing to be seen and known

New opportunity for joining a large small group
Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-8pm
Starting Oct 4

For those who are interested in doing their small group at Bethel Church instead of a private home, this year we are offering an option to meet up with a larger group to go through the Born for Significance video curriculum together and then break up into small groups around the church for discussion, activation, and ministry time.

This is an especially great option for those that have young children 12 and under. On Wednesday nights, Nursery and Children’s Ministry is available.

What does leading a group look like?

A Connect Group leader is someone who loves God and loves others. They will help to create and facilitate a space for connection, conversation, and encouragement, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and move freely.

  • Opening your home for 8 weeks (with comfortable seating for at least 8 people)

  • Create a welcoming space in your home and hosting a small group of local Bethel attenders each week

  • Facilitating connection and conversation to allow the people in your group to get to know each other

  • Having a TV that you can stream (by internet) the Born for Significance video series video by Bill Johnson

  • Leading the group in discussion questions (provided in the leader's guide) to personally engage with the teaching

  • Facilitating a time of ministry where the small group can encourage and pray and prophesy for each other


  • You don't have to have the gift of teaching (but we love it when you do!) and come up with a teaching (Bill will be joining you each week by video to walk through the study with you)

  • You don't have to be a pastor (but we love it when you are!) You just need to love God and care about people.

  • We will provide you with a leader's guide that will walk you through some recommended questions and activations. You are welcome to use our or tailor your own to fit you and your group. We encourage you to always be sensitive to the Spirit and if he leads you in a different direction - follow Him!

About Connect Groups

One of our values at Bethel Church is to build healthy relationships, and we believe it is essential for everyone to discover a place where they can connect and grow. Scripture uniquely identifies us as a unified body, the family of God, the Ekklesia. We are not meant to do life alone; we were created to live in community, to fellowship with one another to encourage and build one another up. This is an important part of us maintaining a healthy Christian walk.

"The blueprint for a transformed city is in a healthy family." - Bill Johnson

We believe that Bethel Connect Groups are one of the best places to foster significant relationships, growth, and create healthy families. Being a part of a Connect Group provides you with a great way to join with a smaller group of people who are all pursuing personal transformation. Most Connect Groups are geographically-based small groups in the Redding area, meeting in someone from our congregation’s home. They are a safe place to be known, encouraged, celebrated, and challenged. Find your Connect Group today!

Join a Connect Group

A personal invitation from Kristy Tillman, Community Life Pastor

The inheritance of revival that we have received is built upon the covenant relationships of our senior leaders who chose to live life together and, by doing so, have created a legacy of revival that is impacting the nations. Look around - we are testimony of that fact.

Why are we here? We are the next generation to carry that breakthrough of revival. The covenant relationships of tomorrow, this vibrant family that we desire to build, is built upon the small yes’s that we choose to say to each other today.

I feel the movement of the Spirit calling us to deepen our ‘yes’ to each other. The release of revival and reformation that we are hungry for requires us to go deeper in our commitment and love for one another. So I want to invite you to say "yes" to something. Being a part of this church-wide discipleship experience and investing in deepening your relationships with our church family by joining a connect group.

I'm not going to try and sell you on “easy.” Yes, we have tried to remove as many of the roadblocks as possible to make the "program and structure" of Connect Groups as smooth as possible. But we all know that relationships require sacrifice—they cost us something. I hope you are feeling the same stirring of the Spirit that I am, and that you are ready to say "yes" to that sacrifice.

I'm confident that us investing in each other is “the way” that God is pointing us to for this next season. It will be worth the inconvenience and the sacrifice of time, the moments of being awkward or uncomfortable, as you get to know new people, the hardness of loving people in their imperfections and brokenness. But the joy of connection, the exchange of life to each other, the encouragement given and received, serving one another, and feeling the strength of people standing with us...this is the fruit that will sustain life for eternity. This is the beauty of the body and the level of revival and reformation that we are hungry requires us to go deeper in our commitment and love for one another.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that you meeting for 8 weeks with a group of people is going to turn into life-long covenant friendships. But it could. And if it doesn't, it still will produce the Fruit of the Spirit (we are actually promised this) in our lives and those we shared with.