Physical Healing

Randy Clark Healing Conference 2020

January 31, 2020
Mutilple people get healed from injuries and got their motions back, metal gone, pain gone during the Randy Clark Healing conference.

On the first evening of the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation, January 29�31, 2020, a young man, Spenser, who is a BSSM student shared his testimony from the stage, following it up with an exhilarating run around the auditorium. He said he had not run like that since he was 12 years old. Here is his testimony:I had two screws put in the ball of my femur when I was in seventh grade playing basketball, and I tore my labrum when I was a junior in high school, and I�ve never been able to internally rotate. I actually play golf because I gave up the basketball world because I was a step slower, and I just have been battling with (ever since I got to Bethel) if the Lord really wanted to heal me because it was an inconvenience. Being in the school, I understood that the Lord wants to freely give it, and that�s who He is. I couldn�t even stand entirely. I couldn�t rotate it out. I couldn�t run without having to limp, or the next day I could hardly get to the bathroom because the arthritis and the pain were so unbearable.�The next morning, a woman who had heard his testimony shared hers with us:Last year I injured my foot really badly after going over a hurdle in track and rolling my ankle. It swelled to two times the original size. I was left in bed with my foot elevated for six months. There were lingering effects like puffiness and scar tissue. While Spencer was giving his testimony on stage about his healing from a sports injury, I became so pumped with faith and believed if God could do that for him, He could do it for me. I moved my ankle around, which had previously had low range of motion, and it moved perfectly fine without pain and completely free of stiffness! I then reached down to feel if the scar tissue was gone and started crying when I felt none! Praise Jesus!At the first night of the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation, January 29, 2020, Randy Clark asked the following people to stand: those who had had an injury and suffered pain or limited range of motion following surgery and the implantation of metal.Here is a testimony shared from the stage by a tearful and thankful woman who demonstrated her complete range of motion by bending her head back and fully looking up:I have three titanium discs in my neck so my neck is fused, so to raise my head really high during worship or even to kiss my husband (he would skootch down because I can�t do it). And then tonight, I could do it.��During worship, when I would to lift my head, generally the rest of the day, I would have these bad headaches. I have not been able to move it back that far since before the surgery.Another woman joyfully shared her testimony from the stage. Her ankle was fused, and she had zero range of motion. Now she is able to move it in every direction, which she demonstrated and included a little dance and hop. Here is her testimony:A year ago, January 8th, I had a head-on collision with a power pole. My foot went through my ankle, separated every bone. I have two titanium plates and eight bolts, screws. I walk with a limp. I had no range of motion. I had a brace on when I got here. I could not bend it any kind of way. When I walked, I had to walk on my heel. And now I can stand flat-footed. I have complete range of motion. I have number four pain constantly. When I don�t take my medication, my pain was a level seven. I decided not to take my medication today. Now I am at no pain!A BSSM student who was a dancer also shared her testimony from the stage:I was a professional ballerina for a lot of years. Seven years ago, I had a few traumatic injuries to my back, specifically. I was diagnosed with stenosis, which is like the narrowing of the spine, three herniated discs, scoliosis. I was told I didn�t really have any cartilage or very much cartilage left in my hips. A few years after that, I had a couple of injuries to my neck, which I never really got diagnosed because I just didn�t want to know. But basically, I was in pain all the time and had a lot of pain in my neck and pain in my back. Even just walking up and down stairs, getting in and out of my car, felt really difficult with my hips. I�ve been seeing some healing in the Healing Rooms, definitely. But the funny thing is, I�ve been to Brazil five times with you [Randy Clark], and I�ve seen so many miracles when I pray for people, but never my own. So I have had this question mark about it. But then today, during impartation in school [BSSM], when Randy laid hands on me, I was down the entire day. I could feel the Lord just shifting everything in my body. All the pain was lifting off. I could feel specifically my hips (because they have been very off because of the scoliosis), I could feel them shifting and turning. I used to feel the rubbing, bone on bone on my hips, and all the pain is gone. I�ve had a tiny bit of pain left in my neck, but 90 per cent of the pain is gone.

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