Physical Healing

Miraculous Healing from Defuse Axonal Brain Injury

October 3, 2017
A BSSM alumnus was miraculously healed and restored of a defused axonal brain injury that put him in a coma.

We received this testimony:Jason Day, a BSSM alumnus, has received quite a miracle from the Lord following a serious motorcycle accident. On March 28 Jason was going down Hilltop Drive, and a driver did not see him and pulled right out in front of him and turned in front of him. He crashed into her (because he could not stop) and flew right up into the air. She was in shock. She thought she�d hit a deer or a dog. Nolan Morgan and his dad, Rowdy, were exiting a restaurant after having dinner, and they heard the crash. They were the first at the scene. Nolan said, �He�s not breathing.� His dad immediately said, �Breathe!� Nolan told Hillary, his girlfriend "Don't come over here. He's gone."� She immediately said "NO HE'S NOT!"� Hillary and Rowdy�s wife (Janice) started fervently praying. Jason then started breathing.�Jason�s dad, Ron, said, �Those prayers probably saved Jason�s life.��He had been staying with his parents because he had given his room up to a couple that needed a place to stay. That evening, Jason�s fianc�e, Alyssa, called his parents and said she�d been trying to reach him for four hours. Ron checked his room, and he was not there. He told Molly, Jason�s mom, that he would go to look for him. Ron kept looking for a wrecked motorcycle. He saw no sign of him. As he went from place to place, he became increasingly worried.�As Ron was driving down Churn Creek Road, a supernatural peace came over him and covered him like a blanket, and he heard God say, �Jason�s OK.��Meanwhile, Molly was calling the hospital to ask if there was a Jason Day there. They said yes, so Molly, Alyssa and Jason�s brother Ben all went there. Ron was already on his way.�This was four and a half hours after the accident. Ron arrived first and was taken to the Emergency Room. Blood was coming out of Jason�s right eye socket. Ron did not panic because God had said he was OK. The doctor said he had a brain injury, both elbows were so damaged they did not know if he would ever be able to use either arm, his left leg was broken, he had broken ribs, and all his organs had contusions. He also had bleeding on the brain. His right arm was broken near the top, his elbow was crushed and a bone was broken so badly in his wrist it was sticking out. His left elbow was totally crushed. Ron thought, He�s going to be OK even though it looks bad.�Shortly after Ron arrived, he posted on Facebook that Jason had been in a terrible motorcycle accident and asked for prayer.� Jason was in a coma, and doctors said, �The sooner he wakes up, the better.��The next morning after he�d been put in ICU, the doctor in charge of ICU told them he had defuse axonal brain injury on a scale of number 3, coma scale, i.e., practically dead. The doctor said, �There�s a rock-solid chance he won�t wake up.� Jason had an immediate loss of blood and had almost bled to death. They had to give him enough blood to fill his whole system twice. At first, he was not breathing, and he had no heartbeat.�Jason recounted, �One of the things that really impacted me after the fact were the stories I heard. When the doctor said that I might not wake up, my brother Ben wept. I was so impacted by how much he loved me when I heard about it later. I realized that if he loved me that much, I had no choice but to live.��There was a meeting in a private room two days after the accident between the doctors and the family.� The doctor overseeing ICU spoke to the family first and tried to brace them for the worst.� That's when he said there was a rock-solid chance Jason would never wake up.� Then the neurosurgeon came in and the first doctor deferred to him.� He said there was enough activity going on in the first 24 hours that he believed that Jason would survive.�From the beginning, Alyssa said to him, �Jason, this is not a setback, it�s a launching point. You�re going to fully recover, and you�re going to be better than before.��The accident happened Tuesday night. The following Saturday night, Ron woke up at 3 am. He was lying on his bed thinking about everything, and it was like Jason�s spirit walked in the room and said, �Dad, I�ve been in heaven. Should I go back or stay?� Ron immediately said, �Stay. You�ve got a life to live, a family to raise and people to influence.� Jason said, �OK" and disappeared. Ron went to the hospital early that morning and saw the neurosurgeon, who said Jason was doing well. Ron asked if he was a Christian, and he said yes. Ron told him what had happened during the night and he said, �That must be why he opened his eyes.��Their friend sent a long Facebook message about what she had experienced 27 hours earlier than Ron�s experience. She said she had been with Jason and Jesus, and Jason did not know if he would come back and he had a week to decide.�Later, Jason figured out that the reason he came back was his family�s love for him, and he did not want to leave them. And he would have to give up his whole future life living with Alyssa, and he didn�t want to do that.�Two weeks after the accident, Ron went to church and Kris Vallotton asked him about the accident and then said, �I just want you to know this year is still the year for your family�s breakthrough.��Over the next few weeks, Jason was still in a partial coma, but he was making progress. Jason started opening his eyes every once in a while, and then he started following people with his eyes. Once when he was with Alyssa, he showed strong attention as she was talking to him. She blew him a kiss, and he responded with the same. His first word was �Mom� and that was the day before Mother�s Day. Every day they could see a little bit of improvement.Eventually Jason began to come out of his coma.� A hospital staff person had to be with Jason 24 hours a day to keep him in bed. He was constantly moving, and he was strong. One of them called and said, �Jason is singing, �Hit the Road, Jack� because it was on TV, and he heard it.�As he woke up, he would also hold limited conversations with his family. But when people came in, he would start prophesying powerfully over them with wonderful elaborate words.�One of his parents would have to stay in the same room with him when he was in rehab in Crescent City. He was there for a month receiving speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy.�One night he noticed that his arms were better. He is slowly getting full use of his arms back. His walking is good.�The doctor that thought he would not come out of the coma said Jason�s recovery is miraculous. He has full use of his mind back and can do most motor skills like tying his shoes.�Through prayer, love and good therapy, he is doing brilliantly. Though he has always had a good relationship with the Lord, his intimacy with the Lord has also increased.�Jason said, �When I came out of the coma, I was so happy that everyone loved me, and I felt like I had a joy to share with the whole world and no one could take it away.�

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