Physical Healing

Healing of Fibromyalgia

January 5, 2021
A woman is healed of the pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia.

When I was only 12, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have heard that about 85 % of women with fibromyalgia have had some kind of severe childhood trauma, and that was the case with me.I had it for 17 years. I could hardly walk or stand. My pain level was ten. I was on 16 medications, 86 pills a day for six or seven years. I received very limited help. In those 17 years, I probably received prayer about 700 times. I had seen other healings. I believed in healing. On December 6, 2009, I was at a church service call for prayer, but I wasn�t going to go up. I told the Lord I knew He could heal me, but I didn�t have the energy to hope that He would. A friend said to me, �You are going up for prayer.� I said, �No, I�m not.�My friend added, �Either you are going up yourself, or I�m dragging you up there.�I went up, and they laid hands on me, and I knew 95% of the pain had already gone down. I don�t know if they got two or three words out of their mouth before all the pain left. Prior to that, I went back to my doctor, who was a Muslim, and asked to be taken off all my medications. He was skeptical. I told him I believed in Jesus, and Jesus had healed me.On my medical chart, it says �spontaneous remission.� Those words don�t actually exist for fibromyalgia. Doctors are limited to what they can say because it doesn�t go away for them. There are pressure points for fibromyalgia, and they were not there anymore for me.

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