Press Release on Bethel’s Support of Public Safety

February 24, 2017

As a church, we love our Redding community and believe it is a truly great place to live. For many years, we have had the privilege of investing man-hours through community service, and finances, into our economy and city. Because we believe that for a city to thrive, it’s important for its citizens to live in peace and safety, our leadership team determined that our next step was to invest in the people who can facilitate and protect this priority of public safety.

We recently met with the City Manager about how Bethel can be part of the solution to the current challenges. We offered a $250,000 donation for the next two years specifically to fund peace officers. We want to be a blessing to our city, and will work with city leadership to refine this offer and how it best serves increasing public safety. It is our desire to connect with other organizations throughout the city to invite them to be a part as well.

We acknowledge our contribution alone will not solve this issue. We see our efforts as a part of a greater, city-wide call to action to inspire healthy, thriving communities throughout our city and cities around the nation. If you have a business, church, or organization that you’re involved in, we encourage you to participate in your own way. We feel it is important, in this instance, to help fund the ongoing employment of our peace officers, who have a mission to promote a safe and secure community.

Join us in anticipating that this will be the best year for Redding yet.


About Bethel Church Redding

For those unfamiliar with Bethel Church in Redding, CA, we are a large local church that has grown in the last 15 years. About 8000 people call Bethel their church home. Our statement of faith is consistent with Charismatic/Evangelical churches.

We appreciate and value all that God is doing through His larger, worldwide church and enjoy fellowship with the many great churches in Redding. All churches have an emphasis in their ministry. In addition to the good news of Christ’s love, we emphasize that Jesus promised signs would follow believers and that they would do even greater works than He did. So we believe all Christians can partner with God to do the same sorts of miracles today as He did in the New Testament. We often use the term “supernatural” to describe God’s active involvement in our lives. We believe God can heal supernaturally, but we also deeply value and access medical professionals, who have dedicated themselves to helping others and alleviating suffering.

You can find more information on our statement of faith and core values on our websites:, and