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About Justice Collective

God is instigating a justice movement in and through His Church. He is pouring His Spirit out on justice, demonstrating that He is a Father to the fatherless, a lover of justice and righteousness, and wants to make all wrongs right again. This work is so much bigger than one place, one church, or one denomination. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Justice Collective joins with this movement God has been building by inspiring, connecting, and engaging Christians into the sacred work of kingdom justice. We are a voice to the Church to clarify what justice is, a hub to gather and join people together, and a catalyst to Christians engaging the work of justice in their own lives and communities.

Local Projects

engage justice

We engage justice by doing holistic, transformational work in our local community. Currently, we work in the areas of anti-trafficking, foster care, and mentoring youth.

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What is justice? Learn to engage in justice in your region, and how to network with other like-minded believers in justice work.

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Serve Opportunities

Short-Term Host Home

Provide temporary housing for trafficking victims within a healthy home environment. We are looking for supportive, safe homes (e.g. private room in a house, Airbnb space, RV) where victims can find refuge in transition to a longer term living environment. Approved mentors will have to successfully submit and clear a criminal background check.

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Trafficking Mandarin Translator

Provide supportive care for trafficking victims by being a Mandarin translator for local outreach teams as they go into local massage parlors to minister to trafficking victims. Approved mentors will have to attend NCAT advocacy training.

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Trafficking Survivor Advocate/Mentor

Provide supportive care for trafficking victims by directing clients to community resources as needs arise, and embracing a mentoring/friendship-based relationship. Approved mentors will have to attend NCAT advocacy training.

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Foster Family

Become a foster parent by providing a home for children within Shasta County who are experiencing some form of neglect or need and are therefore involved with our County’s Foster Care system.

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Foster Family Supplies Network

Support foster families by supplying services or practicals items, such as clothing, toys, household items, food, and other provisions that may be needed for the children. There is a constant revolving door of needs as new kids are brought into safe homes. Approved mentors will have to successfully submit and clear a criminal background check and fingerprinting.

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Respite Care Worker

*Supporting existing foster families in various ways around their home or in the community. Tasks may include babysitting or being available to help with the children by request of the foster parent; cleaning, aiding with practical tasks around the property or homework assistance.

*Approved mentors will have to successfully submit and clear a criminal background check and fingerprinting through local Law Enforcement.

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Grant Writer

We are looking for grant writers to help find funds for our cause of bringing societal transformation in the areas of anti-trafficking, child mentoring, serving foster families, and more.

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Social Media Team

We are looking for volunteers to help with social media as we spread the message that revival leads to reformation and champion the work of leaders who are pursuing social change.

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Our Team

Lance Jacobs

Twin View Campus Pastor & Director of Justice Collective

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Kirsten Steele

Justice Collective Operations Director

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Rozie Thraves

Anti-Trafficking Victim Services Coordinator

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