Deployment Update Zogg Fire Response: Ash-outs currently in progress & Forestry Services now available. To request assistance click the links below:

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Respond, revive, and restore from the kingdom of heaven to communities in crisis.



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A Year in Review

In times of disaster, many need both practical aid and emotional support. As Christians, we believe that God’s love is demonstrated through action. Take a moment to watch this video showing some of the places we have been able to make a difference during peoples' time of need.

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About Bethel Global Response

Bethel Global Response is presence-based. Love is our standard; we are servant leaders and we live with divine expectancy. We are focused not on what we do or accomplish but rather on what Father is doing and how we partner with His heart. We operate from an understanding of our identity, allowing who we are to guide when, where and how we respond.

Bethel Global Response has built a team of over 1,000 people trained to respond to disasters, tangibly displaying the love of Jesus through meeting physical needs while carrying the atmosphere of heaven. We meet people in their worst moments with hope and love. Through these divine opportunities, we see life restored and people beginning to dream again.

Our skilled teams respond to both domestic and international disasters through practical service and mobilizing the supplies necessary to meet the specific needs of a community. Additionally, we carry a heart to make our knowledge and field experience available to churches and cities in crisis. BGR assists other leaders around the world to harness the strengths of the local church, being a tangible expression of God’s goodness right when it’s needed most. Together, we will face the challenges that arise, but God is able and hope is alive!

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Bethel Global Response is 100% sustained by donor contributions outside of any Bethel Church funding.



Working together.

Partner agencies in the field are critical to the effectiveness of disaster response in any community.

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Bethel Global Response's first disaster training ecourse is coming summer of 2021.

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Recent Initiatives

Zogg Fire Ash-out Response
Zogg Fire
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On the evening of September 27th, the Zogg Fire exploded overnight in the towns of Igo and Ono in Shasta County. 204 Buildings were lost and these two small, rural towns were left navigating recovery in the midst of a pandemic. BGR joined other local agencies in offering our services and assistance at the Local Assistance Center (LAC) letting families know there were people to help them recover valuables from the rubble. BGR continues to walk alongside families sifting their properties finding memories, jewelry, heirlooms, and keepsakes. We will launch our forestry services assistance to these families who need financial help removing burnt trees, damaged vegetation, and hazards from around their building sites over the next few months.

Almeda Fire Response and Training
Almeda Fire
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Total Cost


Over 50 volunteers showed up over the course of 4 days to join us in serving families who lost everything in the Almeda Fire. 15 families received ash-outs. Leadership from six churches came down from further north in Oregon to receive ash-out training on September 26, 2020. One of these churches turned around and went north in Oregon and trained five more churches from the Portland area. In total, 65 ash-outs occurred up and down the state of Oregon due to Bethel Global Response training. Operation Blessing graciously funded each of these trained churches with their own set of ash-out equipment.

Hurricane Laura Response
Hurricane Laura
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Hurricane Laura hit the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 storm August 27, 2020. By the next day, our deployed team of 11 arrived in Lake Charles, LA ready and equipped to serve. Water and electricity had been cut off in the region and over 14 billion dollars of damage had been done. For the next 10 days, 27 families received recovery assistance from our trained forestry crews with their heavy equipment, as well as emergency roof repair from our tarping crew. Our forestry program was developed in part thanks to Hand of Hope, a ministry of Joyce Meyer. While on the ground we served alongside the local church responding in their community in their time of need.

World Vision Covid-19 Farm to Families Food Box Program
Farm to Families
Pounds of Produce


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Total Cost


Bethel Global Response partnered with World Vision to become a regional distribution hub of boxes of fresh produce for those most financially impacted by the COVID-19 health pandemic. Northern California has some of the highest poverty rates in the state of California making child food scarcity real. BGR ramped up local efforts to mitigate domestic hunger. This initiative was a success thanks to the 10 partnering churches and organizations that then distributed these boxes all over northern California. This food relief reached an expanse of 15,000 square miles getting $255,000+ in value of fresh produce to almost 9,500 families serving 30,000 individuals.

Carr Fire Forestry Project
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Total Cost


The devastation to the physical land surrounding the Redding area was enormous in the wake of the Carr Fire. There were hundreds of uninsured or underinsured homeowners who lost their homes in the fire leaving many people with doubts about the possibility of rebuilding. A portion of that cost involves the removal of the damaged and burnt vegetation surrounding their home build site, required by law for safety reasons. This cost can range from $8,000-$100,000 depending on the property without many options available. BGR created a program to help with this largely unmet need in our community after disaster struck. Finishing on schedule, BGR has completed every request by Carr Fire homeowners, almost 140 in total, clearing the defensible space around their build site resulting in over $4.5 million dollars of in kind value going directly to our recovering neighbors for free.

Our Values



We operate from and release the presence of God in crisis situations.


Love is our Standard

We are lovers of God and lovers of people with all of our being.


Servant Leaders

We honor and value partners in the field above our own agenda.


Naturally Supernatural

We cultivate and establish the kingdom of God here on earth.

How We Operate


First and foremost, we will honor the people we serve and collaborate with. We operate with permission and by invitation. We value local leaders and honor their authority and work through them as point contacts. We ask questions rather than stating opinions and value the community as a whole. We honor the structure and system of emergency management and operate to the best of our ability within that system knowing that we too are responsible.


We value relationship. Relationship with the Lord is what guides and drives us in response; disconnected from it, we lose our effectiveness. We also work with other organizations and contacts on the ground, choosing people and connection with them over an agenda.


We seek to build and encourage community. We do so by working with leaders and supporting structures that are already in place, valuing their culture and their values. We would rather support a community response than do something on our own.


Affection opens the door for healthy influence and impact. We have compassion for the individual as well as the community, valuing “the one” in front of us. Our affection springs from the Father’s love for people. We do not come in judgment of victims, responders, or events.


We seek to love and serve without an agenda. We serve individuals, communities, and other organizations regardless of race, gender, social status, affiliation, denomination, or nationality. It is our honor to serve.


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