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Up From the Ashes

Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
College View, Great Room
September 20, 2022
November 1, 2022

Just about everyone has had to rebuild their life a time or two. Come join Brian Nickens (and friends) as Brian imparts powerful life lessons and God-speak moments that completely transformed, restored, and empowered the life, business, and ministry of not only Brian but everyone else down-wind of his journey.

  • Restoring Your Children’s Inheritance
  • Developing a Legacy Mindset
  • Divine Assistance to Preserve Wealth (even in turbulent times)
  • Accessing the Court of Heaven
  • Rebuking the Devour
  • The “Unjust Steward” And the Power of Leverage
  • Exiting Babylon with Your Sandals On

Come expecting Holy Spirit interaction and deep revelation as God's Word comes alive in our midst. This class is conducted in such a way as to leave room for Holy Spirit interruption and God's Glory to manifest as His Word breathes life into you. You can jump in any time during the 7 weeks.

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Brian Nickens


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